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(Now, I’m not one for fanfictions usually. And I’ve read a few…Let me just preface this post with that.)

Aku no Hana. I felt like I hadn’t gotten the entirety of Nakamura’s story by the end. You can argue that even though Oshimi never explicitly stated certain aspects of her life before, during and after the summer festival, it’s abundantly clear that, for example, Nakamura pushes Takao off the float because she genuinely loves him, etc.

However, to the layreader (me), this isn’t explicit enough. And I love explicit—tell the story exactly how it is. And the lack of explicitness doesn’t detract too much from Aku no Hana, but a clearer definition of Nakamura’s character and life is definitely warranted. 

…But I don’t expect Oshimi to come back to her aspect of the story any time soon. So I went searching for some means to better understand Sawa and I found a pretty convincing and encapsulating fanfiction on how her life developed right after the festival. It’s very well-written and I guess it’s now part of my “headcanon” or whatever? Anyway, give it a read if you’re interested!

P.S. The author has another closely tied work to this. I’m sure you can find it on his author bio or something.

Oh, hey! I’m the author of this story, and I just happened to be scrolling through the series tag when I saw this. I’m really glad you enjoyed it; I wrote it for much the same reason as you sought it out, because I knew Aku no Hana itself wouldn’t tell it and yet I wanted it to exist. I wanted to know.

I think it’s totally understandable why Oshimi didn’t include more of Nakamura’s story. At its core, Aku no Hana is told (for the most part) from Kasuga’s perspective, particularly in the second half. We never learn what happened to Nakamura in the interim because Kasuga never does, and I think that’s brilliant in its own way. By not telling us, Oshimi evokes in the reader the same emotions Kasuga feels - his longing for her is our longing, his anxiety over what’s become of her is our anxiety, his desperate need for closure is ours. And our conclusion, too, is meant to be the same - don’t worry about all that. It was years ago. It doesn’t matter. Life moves on and so should you.

So from that standpoint, I am absolutely fine with Aku no Hana leaving the details of Nakamura’s life after the festival vague. But as a fan, of course I’m left longing for more, hence I wrote Death of a Deviant. I’m not hugely into fanfiction myself, to be honest. The sexual fantasy nature of large swathes of it, while not necessarily bad per se, isn’t really my cup of tea (and that’s something you might’ve noticed I played with in Four Hours). But if there’s anything I think fanfiction is well suited for, it’s telling the stories that the original author didn’t. So that’s what I strove to do, and it makes me tremendously happy to know people liked it! So thank you.

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Aku no Hana - Nakamura Sawa

Aku no Hana - Nakamura Sawa

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